Jackpot City Casino Review

Jackpot City Casino is part of Belle Rock Gaming – formed March 2003. Belle Rock Gaming is a super group of 7 individual casinos bound together under one company to provide exceptional customer support, frequent promotions and best of all… Better odds.


New deposits of $50 can receive up to $200 free. See promotions page for details.
For the boxing enthusiasts, Jackpot City is hosting a prize fight this April. Loyal players have a chance to win this $10,000 trip or be one of 300 other players to win 50 credits each.
Note: Promotions are subject to change. Check the Jackpot City Casino website to see the latest promotion details.

Basis of Getting Casino Comps

Okay, so we have all heard the business of being treated like Royalty by a casino when someone wins it big or gambles a lot of money. As a result of such thoughts, many players make it a priority to win large jackpots or bets that are too big for their own bankroll. Sure, the big jackpot will definitely help them to pay off the expenses of a Vegas trip, but it does not mean the casino is going to be your best friend from then on. The common misconception is that casinos will invite the big winners back to stay another time – all expenses paid.

Jackpot City Casino ReviewAnd while this may be true for some gamblers, there are usually other factors that encourage casino owners to treat players this way. The biggest factor is that the player gambles large sums of money continuously, while losing much of the time. The casino will basically take the small hit of paying for the players accommodations in order to get an even better return from the money paid out by the player.
Offering the player a free return visit at a later time is the casinos way of saying we appreciate your business and hope that you come back again to lose more money with us. Sounds funny, but it’s true. Of course, that player does not always lose. In fact, many times they will win big, and the casino will have to take a hard hit. It really goes to show that if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

New Konami Appointments Announced

“Mr. Aching will also be responsible for the creation of substantial market share of Konami’s games and other product lines,” the source added. “This would mean that he will initiate the necessary efforts to advance the company’s strategic targets for the complete online slots and casino games on various markets.”
Konami is a renowned developer of arcade games and video games. Aching is joining the management team in the face of the recent moves of Konami to expand their business profile and cover new market niches, and these include mobile gaming and online gambling.

Aching joined Konami in 2008. He has built a reputation as an eminent player in the technology sector and the gaming industry, with specific interest in the online casino gambling area. Along with his appointment, Konami has also announced other new appointments, which include Ray Suarez, as vice-president for sales operations and Ross O’Hanley, as vice president for domestic game sales.

Konami is a Japanese company which was formally established in the 1960s. It began marketing software for games in 1982, and since then became one of the marquee players in this niche. It has since established highly profitable collaborations with Nintendo and Microsoft. The company first ventured into the online casino gambling in 2005 with the introduction of its first versions of online slots.