Gaming Conference Focuses on Hispanic Gamblers

Gaming Conference Focuses on Hispanic GamblersWhile the event is not directly targeted for Hispanic gamblers, it is however, indirectly responsible for improving and maintaining the fast growing Hispanic gambling industry. Included in the summit will be a series of conferences addressing the cultural and demographic implications of the Hispanic population, and how that correlates into the most suitable experience in the casino.

The objective is to build strong relationships with the Hispanic community so that they keep coming back to gamble.Co-presenting many of the conferences with Ascend Media Gaming Group is Harrison & Montoya Associates, who has extensive experience in the gaming industry, as well as a sound knowledge of the Hispanic community. Both Harrison and Montoya are regarded as top players in their field, and will imbue the summit with professionalism and insight. A large turnout of some of the biggest gambling operators and casinos are expected to attend both the Hispanic Gaming Summit and the Casino Marketing Conference to follow.

Casino Software Makers Strive to Keep With the Best

In a bid to keep up with the evolving online casino gaming technology that makers like Playtech, CryptoLogic, and Microgaming are employing, a handful of gaming companies and software manufacturers are stepping up their own product development strategies.

The two companies that have seemingly always been trying to keep pace with the top online casino software makers (and doing a pretty good job at it) are Boss Media and Real Time Gaming. This is why it is no surprise that both companies recently announced the addition of more games to their user-end platform.

While the news is not considered to be groundbreaking, it is still something worth knowing for those who either work in the online gambling industry or for gamblers looking for new and exciting games to play. Some of these games include six new slots with auto-spin features developed by RTG, and now being offered at Vegas Lucky Casino, Geisha Lounge and King SolomonĂ­s Casino. The Sun Casinos Group, which uses the Boss Media platform, also has introduced some new slot machines.

For both companies, much of the revealing on these new products will be done at the International Casino Exhibition in London. Along with an introduction of the new online slots, RTG will also be debuting their refurbished back-end gaming interface and new integration capabilities for their new software platform.