Casino Luxury is just a spin away

June everything came together beautifully. On the 21st, she sat down to spin a few reels. Skimming over the literally hundreds of options available, she settled on the popular slot , “Living in Luxury”.

To live in luxury is something we all dream off. Imagine the following scenario: You’ve got a bit of time, a bit of cash, and a bit of a lucky feeling. So you pop some dollars into the machine and watch it spin to life. A few spins later, you’ve won some, lost some and the reels are twirling, blurring on the monitor. They come to rest showing two of the wild symbols and a 7 to complete the win. On the maximum bet (as Susan was playing) – that’s $40,000! Soon the screen is blurred again – this time with tears of joy.

But the remarkable thing is that this happened once on the 21st. It then happened 3 times on the 22nd. The machine was building up to something big; and sure enough – jackpot! On the 23rd, the three wilds lined up; the bells went, and $80,000 poured out. That’s what dreams are made of – a combined jackpot winning of almost a quarter million. Yep – $240,000; 3 days; one lifetime to spend it. Living in Luxury has never been easier. You too could be like Susan H; courtesy of Platinum Play and Living in Luxury!

Funtech Buying A Fantasy Sports Concern

The Boca Raton-based parent company of Fantasy Sports, Inc., Silverstar Holdings, Ltd., has sold to Lorne Abony’s Canadian public company FUN Technologies Inc., almost all of the assets and business of its subsidiary. $3.85 million in cash was the consideration paid for the sale. It was paid out at the closing along with the assumption of particular operating liabilities.Through this sale, Silverstar Holdings will realize a gain of approximately $2 million.

President and CEO of Silverstar Holdings, Clive Kabatznik, has said that during the past 12 months, his company has shifted its focus toward the purchase of broad based entertainment software platforms and companies The result will be, according to him, that Fantasy Sports will no longer be viewed as a central holding to be used for fueling their long-term growth.

With this sale, CEO Kabatznik states, the company will be able to focus on the operation and acquisition of businesses which they deem to be more suited to their overall growth strategy. He says that the company will utilize the proceeds from the sale in order to repay down debt and to finance future acquisitions. Having taken ownership of approximately $15 million in cash and notes receivable, the company is positioned, he says, to take advantage of those strategic opportunities that may arise.

Casino Luxury is just a spin away